I’m Loving This New Trend Of Under-The-Radar Celebrity Pregnancies, A La Megan Fox

Megan FoxHey guys, guess what? Megan Fox gave birth to a baby boy! His name is Noah Shannon Green. The new mom wrote some gushy things on her Facebook page about how awesome he is. Want to know the most exciting thing about Fox’s labor experience? It happened 20 days ago. Noah was born on September 27th. Fox and husband David Austin Green just decided to wait a while before sharing this news with the world.

Really, none of us should be surprised. This is a couple who never even confirmed their pregnancy to the press. It makes sense that they wouldn’t going all Rosie Pope on us and start live-tweeting the entire birth. But when you consider that some celeb newborns show up on the cover of People before they’ve even hit the one-week mark, it’s pretty impressive that this couple didn’t even acknowledge the birth in a statement for such a long time.

Call me wildly optimistic, but I think this might be a new trend of Hollywood secrecy when it comes to celebrity pregnancy. I mean, we’re always going to have the reality stars who put their kids to work for the PR campaign the minute air hits their lungs. But in the wilder world of celebrities, maybe we’re going to see more private pregnancies.

It seems like lately, for every Jessica Simpson who has a nude pregnancy magazine cover, there’s a Drew Barrymore who wouldn’t acknowledge her pregnancy after being seen with ultrasound pictures in her hand. For every Beyonce, giving interviews about her cravings and her nursery and her maternity clothes, there’s a Neve Campbell, who shows up on a beach in August with a baby whose birth she never even announced to the press.

I’m hoping that we’re beginning to see the axis start to tilt. I’m not asking that celebrities stop talking about their children all together. That would make my job much more difficult. But I think it’s refreshing to see some mothers choose to keep things a little more discreet. I’m happy that we’re seeing the value of privacy from some of these celebrities.

I realize that celebrities can’t completely control the tabloid culture that’s become so out-of-control with outright lying and exploitative behavior towards children. But I think new moms like Megan Fox and Drew Barrymore are setting an example of how to stay clear as much as possible. They’re showing that you don’t have to succumb to the publicist’s demands all the time. And I think it’s benefiting them.

Plenty of celebrities seem to believe that by talking about their pregnancy and their childbirth all the time, they’re going to connect with mothers who will then see their movies or buy their albums. They don’t just want to share their post baby body secrets, they want to reach a new fan base. For those celebs, I hope they realize that I respect the Neve Campbells and Megan Foxs of the celebrity world so much more. I’m much more likely to cheer for these ladies, the ones who didn’t use their pregnancies for PR, than the ones who showed up on a magazine cover with a child who hadn’t even made it through their first month of life yet.

(Photo: Andres Otero/ WENN.com)

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