Megan Fox Does Sexy Photo Shoot While Four Months Pregnant Because She’s Megan Fox

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megan foxI don’t know what you were doing while four months pregnant but perhaps photographers were breaking down your door asking you to slip into some lingerie? Maybe pose for some racy pictures? Maybe grace a sexy ad campaign for electronics? So were the requests Megan Fox was fielding when she was four months pregnant with son Noah Shannon Green. The mother of two posed for Sharper Image in various states of undress proving that if you’ve achieved the level of conventional bangability that has defined Megan Fox’s career, no one gives a flip what you’re carrying in your uterus. Giving the camera “sexy” isn’t a concern people at the top of the company seem to have.

Us Weekly reports that the 26-year-old will appear in the new holiday campaign. She has reportedly chosen to partner with the company because she’s all about the gadgets. On her decision to work with Sharper Image, Fox said in a statement:

“I have always been a bit of a gadget geek and into different types of technology.” Fox continued, “The campaign is a good fit for me because I love electronics.”

Despite posing for the campaign while pregnant, the mother appears to not do any sort of bump boasting in the recently released images. No tummy cradling or her husband kissing her belly or any such promotional mommy branding, let’s exploit the unborn, tactics. Such decisions also seem consistent with Megan’s seeming disinterest in even confirming her pregnancy and announcing her baby’s birth 20 days after her kid was in the world.

This shoot looks like an extension of standard work for Ms. Fox. Work that she decided to keep her growing baby out of. In other news, Photoshop does wonders and white shirts aren’t slimming.

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