Florida Mother Kidnaps Her Own Daughter To Prevent Her From Vaccination, Learning About Black History

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iStock_000017025604_SmallIn what sounds like the plot of the world’s most effed up Lifetime Movie, which I will henceforth be calling Not Without My Measles-Shedding, Racist-in-Training Daughter (title in progress), a Florida woman has been arrested for kidnapping her own daughter and going on the lam for a year to avoid vaccination and Black History Month.

According to the Washington Post, 23-year-old Megan Everett was accused of kidnapping her then-2-year-old daughter, Lilly, in May of 2014. Everett had joint custody of Lilly with her ex, Robert Baumann, but she and Baumann reportedly came to a disagreement over how Lilly should be raised and educated. Namely, Everett did not want Lilly vaccinated, and Baumann did. Also, Baumann said he wanted to enroll Lilly in preschool, while Everett allegedly wanted Lilly homeschooled so that she would not be “brainwashed” and learn things like black history. Everett allegedly wanted Lilly’s curriculum to focus on Confederate history.

“One of the issues we had was, she wanted to home-school my daughter,” Baumann said, according to the Sun Sentinel. “I didn’t want that to happen. She didn’t want Lilly to learn about black history. She just wanted her to learn about the Confederacy.”

Everett was reportedly not always this way, but she came around to the Confederate flag-waving, anti-vaxxer lifestyle when she started dating a dude who was into that. It’s like when your friend from college started dating a rich dude and dressing all preppy, except way more awful.

Everett might be in the running for craziest mother in Florida, but there’s almost certainly a woman out there running an unlicensed gay conversion confederate daycare and crocodile farm, and that woman probably knows someone even worse than the allegedly racist, anti-vax kidnapper.

Before absconding with Lilly last spring, Everett left a note for her Confederacy-loving boyfriend explaining her decision.

“If I let them take her and vaccinate her and brainwash her, I wouldn’t be doing what’s right,” she said. “I cannot let a judge tell me how my daughter should be raised. We will miss you. But I had to leave.”

But this weekend CNN aired a special on the search for Everett and Lilly called “The Hunt,” and a woman living next door recognized them and called the police. The show aired Sunday, and the FBI was able to apprehend Everett and find Lilly by Monday.

Baumann has been reunited with his kidnapped daughter, and is understandably ecstatic.

“It’s so great, I’m so relieved,” he said. “It just kind of stunned me, I felt like I was running around with my head chopped off.”

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