Meet Pubertina, The Embodiment Of Every Tween Justin Bieber Fan

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Meet 11 -year-old Pubertina, the star of her own animated series in which she experiences the joyous blossoming of womanhood. Periods, acne, breasts, the whole awkward health class cliche, all the while journaling about her time of transition and –at least in this debut episode — her love of Rusty Sprinkler. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because you could swap it out for just about any tween sensation like your standard Justin Bieber.

In her first episode, Pubertina simply must meet her beloved Rusty Spinkler as she crafts her own lunch boxes in his likeness. She cries, she calls out his name, and then like a lot of girls her age — she simply makes a YouTube video. And how does Rusty Sprinkler respond? In the way that would make any young fan swoon.

[youtube_iframe id=”lFToVI44Z98″]