There’s No Such Thing As A “Me First” Mother – She’s Just An A**hole Who Happens To Have A Baby

shutterstock_97841513__1393002716_142.196.167.223A**holes have babies, too. I  just thought I would put that out there for those of you who are shocked when you see a woman who happens to have a child with her do something inane and totally unreasonable. There was an article in the Daily Mail today called, Rise Of The Me-First MomsI don’t think this is a phenomena we need to be worrying about.

A baby, it seems, has become the ace that parents believe entitles them to trump everyone else’s cards ”” barging through life in single-minded pursuit of their offspring’s interests; quite unimpeded by those of anyone else.

Nope. Wrong. Barging through life unimpeded by others is a quality a lot of assholes have, not just mothers of small children. I’ve had lunches ruined sitting next to jerks on loud business calls. I’ve had cabs stolen from me by men “in a hurry.” I’ve been cut off in line at the ATM, had doors slammed in my face, been practically run over by someone biking on the sidewalk, and once waited in line at a coveted donut joint in my old neighborhood to have the person in front of me buy the rest of the stock they had for her “brunch party.” No kids in sight.

And these are not even the worst anecdotes I have heard. A mother-of-four told me how she’d watched in horror as her cousin let her nappy-less child pee on the floor in a restaurant and shamelessly asked the waitress to mop it up.


Seriously? This isn’t a “me-first mom,” this is a disgusting moron, who was possibly raised by wolves.

Maybe I’m just missing the point of sharing these anecdotes under the umbrella of, can you believe this MOTHER did this? as opposed to, can you believe such a clueless person exists? A woman who would allow her child to pee on the floor of a restaurant did not magically become this clueless after she shot a baby out of her vagina. There is just no way you could ever make me believe that.

Basically, there are assholes and there are regular people. Assholes don’t think about others, they exist in a bubble of me, me, me. Let’s not pretend all parents would have their children pissing in a puddle in the middle of a Chili’s. Or that they would run over old ladies in the streets with their strollers or change a diaper in the middle of a restaurant. The person who is changing a diaper in the middle of a restaurant has been clipping her nails on the train for years – way before she had kids.

It’s US and THEM, people. And WE aren’t all childfree.

(photo: Nomad_Soul/ Shutterstock)

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