Mayim Bialik’s Kids Think Dad’s House Is Better, and Her Reaction Is Relatable AF

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Dr. Mayim Bialik, Ph.D., is a TV star and a neuroscientist, and she is also a divorced mom with no time for her kids’ shit. This weekend, Bialik’s kids decided to gripe at their mom that she doesn’t have Spotify Premium, but their dad does, and her reaction was hilariously relatable.


It’s not often that TV stars are actually relatable, but this is Peak Mom. She has the T-shirt and the bathrobe and the messy bun, and the face that says she is absolutely out of fucks to give about the fact that her music streaming service is marginally less user-friendly than the music streaming service at dad’s house. The toilet brush just makes it perfect.

“This is the moment my sons chose to complain that I don’t have Spotify premium but their dad does. Think I gave a good gosh darn?” she wrote.

That’s hilarious. Of course her kids, who are around 12 and 9 years old, chose the moment their mom was cleaning the toilet in her bathrobe to complain that she doesn’t have Spotify premium the way their dad does. Kids have no concept of timing. It’s why they always have to pee as soon as you put them in the car, and they always want a snack as soon as you sit down on the toilet, and why they will always pick the moment you are up to your elbows in a toilet to say, “Why don’t we have Spotify premium?”

The kids almost certainly pull this same stuff on their dad, too, because kids are experts at playing “the grass is always greener.” Maybe mom has better snacks, or a pool, or at mom’s house Jim Parsons comes over to visit, and when the kids stay with dad they’re like, “Dad, how come we never get to hang out with Jim Parsons at your house?”

Those kids are probably about to learn how to clean their own toilets from now on.

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