Mayim Bialik May Be Divorcing, But She’s Definitely Looking To Co-Parent Post-Divorce

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Attachment parenting advocate Mayim Bialik may be divorcing her husband of nine years, Michael Stone, but she apparently isn’t looking to do this whole parenting thing on her own. [Insert obligatory attachment parenting joke here].

People magazine reports that the 36-year-old mother of two has filed for joint custody of sons Milo (aged seven) and Fred (aged four). Such an effort to push ahead on the co-parenting front not only speaks highly of how Mayim is looking to go forward with her family, but also how she’s hoping to minimize the impact of this divorce. Much like when Heather Armstrong of Dooce announced her separation some time back, there was inevitably a lot of wagging tongues about how this seemingly “parenting expert” would be effecting her own kids.

Let it be know, that as of right now, Mayim is pursuing the legal means to ensure that both her sons’ parents remain actively involved in their lives. Looks like Mayim and Stone are adamantly sticking to their statement that their “main priority” is to get their sons into two supportive homes “as smooth[ly] and painless[ly] as possible.” The family is well on their way to Step One.

But once all this divorce dust settles, I see no reason in Mayim’ abandoning her attachment parenting advocacy. Given the success of her attachment parenting book Beyond The Sling, I vote on a sequel about attachment co-parenting beyond the sling. Definitely a market for that!

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