Maya Rudolph Doesn’t Think Everyone Has To Be ‘A Natural’ With Kids

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maya rudolphProfessional funny lady and Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph may play a childless woman with a baby phobia on Up All Night, but the comedic actress is a real life mother to three kids. When considering how to play her character Ava, Maya admitted that she has worked along side women who are just as “baffled by children,” which she considers an odd phenomenon in working women.

The actress told TIME that she certainly knows women who resemble her Up All Night role, although she wouldn’t consider herself to be particularly close with them. While Maya espoused an empathy for people who don’t particularly know how to handle children, she finds adults who draw a complete blank with kids to be a little odd:

“I don’t think everyone has to necessarily be a natural with kids, but I do think it’s funny when people are really thrown by them as if they were never children themselves.”

Maya adds that as a mother of three herself, she finds people who don’t like kids to be “awful.”

While she didn’t want her TV portrayal to be too negative, she exhibits an enjoyment in embodying that new archetype of female child-hater in cinema. She also playfully tells the interviewer that after her first daughter, Pearl Minnie, was born in 2005, co-workers on Saturday Night Live didn’t really know what to make of her new life or schedule. The actress dons one of her sketch-like voices as she mocks coworkers who invited her out for drinks and dinner, reminding them that “some people [need to] eat off of me.”

A comment like that alone would surely get any mother noticed in an office full of childless folks.

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