May You Never Raise A Daughter Who Begs Chris Brown To Beat Her

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Chris BrownChris Brown, singer of “Beautiful People” and abuser to Rihanna, allegedly made a comeback at the Grammy’s this year with two performances. His win for best R&B album marks his first return to the award show after assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna three years ago. And plenty of young women showed their support for the artist by tweeting that he could beat them any day.

BuzzFeed rounded up the 25 most unsettling tweets, some tagged #womanbeater and #love. All of the women expressed a dismissive attitude towards Chriss’ felony assault charges simply because of his performance and talents, some tweeting “Dude, Chris Brown can punch me in the face as much as wants to, just as long as he kisses it” and “Chris Brown could serenade me and then punch me in the eye. I’m down for it.”

Chris BrownSuch reactions are beyond disturbing considering that they reveal not much has changed in the minds of young people since that notorious study on high school kids following news of Rihanna’s injuries. A whopping 46% of kids said Rihanna was responsible for her abuse, and 52% said that both parties responsible for the fight escalating to violence. Yet these recent tweets in light of Chris’s welcome back into the musical elite are most alarming in that these young ladies somehow see abuse as permissible if the abuser is talented and attractive. [tagbox tag=”domestic abuse”]

The media’s blasé attitude in response to Brown doesn’t help how this issue gets packaged to our kids either as the NY Daily News describes him merely as a “controversial R&B singer” for his crimes. Controversy is what happens when Lady Gaga shows up to an award shows in a meat dress. The word doesn’t nearly come close to encapsulating the gravity of felony assault charges by a court of law.

These tweets by young women should serve as a real eye-opener to parents as they illuminate the lasting impact of such a scenario on our youth. Mothers and fathers concerned with instilling self-worth and value into their daughters would do well to take note because as the popular logic stands, Rihanna “complained” by filing charges against the man who punched her.

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