Mattel Should Make Bald Barbie, According To Mommyish Readers

Beautiful and bald BarbieMattel recently responded to enthusiastic parents lobbying for a “Beautiful and Bald!” Barbie with a very lukewarm answer. Although the campaign is notably gaining traction, the toy company noted that they “receive hundreds of passionate requests for various dolls to be added to our collection. ” In their statement they assured us they “take all of them seriously,” which might suggest that they’re on board just like about half of our readers. However, if such a doll does get produced for the masses, Mommyish readers think proceeds for the dolls should go straight to cancer-stricken kids.

Approximately 57.6% of readers polled said that a bald Barbie doll, crafted to increase awareness about hair loss and certain conditions, should only be developed if the majority or a portion of the funds are given to pediatric cancer research.

A little more than a quarter of readers told us that even if money doesn’t get handed over to an organization like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, for instance, Mattel selling such a doll would still positively impact children. But even more importantly, 84.9% of Mommyish readers think that this doll should be on the shelves.

Bald and Beautiful Barbie

In their statement released last week, Mattel responded that they have donated close to $30 million dollars to children’s hospitals all over the United States, as well as more than half a million toys. But given that the “Beautiful and Bald!” Barbie has surpassed over 100,000 likes on Facebook, Mattel better wise up and listen to its customers: parents.


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