8 Fantastic Parent And Child Halloween Costumes

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When I graduated from college, I thought my days of dressing in coordinating Halloween costumes were behind me. For several years the closest I came to dressing up was wearing a witch’s hat to hand out candy. But now that I’m a parent, Halloween is fun again. While some may use the occasion to show a little skin, I prefer clever group ensembles. If you love matching costumes, here’s eight great options for you and your little trick-or-treater. 

1. Rainbow Brite and Twink via Pinterest

I feel like this mom would be so fun to have play dates with.

2. Miss Clavel and Madeline

Should you do this with your daughters? Oui.

3. Concession Stand Worker and Popcorn

 Great for taking an infant out trick-or-treating when you have older kids, plus built-in hands-free snacks for the busy mom on the go.

4. Remy and Alfredo

Shut up and take my candy.

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