This New Daycare Disaster Proves A Lot Of People Are In The Wrong Line Of Work

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 8.03.51 PMChildren don’t come with an instruction manual, but some rules seem pretty intuitive, like “don’t apply fire to the baby” and “don’t hang the baby from things.” A daycare worker in Massachusetts has been suspended this week for missing the memo on that second one, because she decided it was a good idea to hang a little boy on the wall like a picture while two other employees recorded it for posterity.

Unless they’re planning on making a fortune from a YouTube channel called “Watch Me Get Fired,” none of this makes any sense. But YouTube sensation is probably a better career for these guys, since childcare is obviously right out.

According to My Fox Boston, last Friday a 20-month-old boy was hung from the doorknob of an outside door at the Kindercare daycare center in Framingham, Mass., by the back of his shirt by one of his teachers. Two other teachers saw but did not intervene. Instead they made a video, which will almost certainly come in handy for police and school administrators trying to figure out what to do with the teachers.

On Tuesday the police were notified, and the daycare center has suspended all three teachers and says that if the allegations are true they will be fired. The school specified that all three had clean background checks when they were hired.

In addition to the daycare center’s investigation, the police are looking into the allegations and the teachers could face charges.

Photo: My Fox Boston

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