Both You And Martha Stewart Have Considered Online Dating But Are Too Chicken

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martha stewartI really don’t understand the hesitancy over online dating. I echo the resounding sentiments of Terri Trespicio who advocated that everyone needs to “date like a grownup,” including my many single mothers out there looking to return to the dating scene. Even domestic goddess Martha Stewart has considered picking from the online pool at this point.

The mother of Alexis Stewart, who famously wrote a not so flattering depiction of her mother, told Us Weekly that she considered online dating. She went so far as to peruse the profile before losing her nerve:

“I started to laugh halfway down the page,” she said of filling out the online application. “It was, like, impossible.”

Had she gone through with it, though, she told [Matt Lauer] she wouldn’t have used an alias. “I want to do my real thing,” she insisted.

Martha is an ambitious businesswoman to say the very least. She has built an entire brand complete with magazines, books, and media — all immediately synonymous with her quiche-crafting name. While the 71-year-old is entitled to reconsider her options, I find her timidity in this realm a bit disappointing. She’s gone after everything else in her life with laser-like focus and confidence. Why is finding gentlemen callers any different? Then again, I can see many an outlet making a DESPERATE OLDER WOMAN SEEKS BOYFRIEND headline out of Martha putting herself out there.

Good business call, Martha.

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