Hugh Hefner’s Son Gets No Jail Time For His Woman Beating Ways

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Marston HefnerHugh Hefner’s 21-year-old son, Marston Hefner, was arrested about a month ago for assaulting his 20-year-old girlfriend and playmate Claire Sinclair. Father Hefner made a series of public fumbles in the wake of the charges, downplaying the severity of domestic abuse by telling People that he hoped the kids would “patch things up.” He later tweeted that he was “disappointed” in his son, but then promptly deleted the message from his feed, blurring the mogul’s public stance on assault against women.

The Playboy successor has since been charged for his battery, pleading “no contest” to one count of battery and one count of vandalism on a laptop.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the vandalism charge was dropped as Marston will now pay restitution. The court issued a restraining order, barring Marston from being near the 2011 Playmate of the Year. He was also ordered to attend a 52-week domestic violence program and check in with the court with progress reports for the next three years. But no jail time for reportedly kicking and punching someone’s young daughter in the stomach.

To make matters worse, Claire has publicly said that she would not press charges against her woman-beating boyfriend if he apologized and sought out psychiatric treatment — again suggesting that smacking around your partner is somehow not a crime. The whole scenario may read like a bookend to the alarming Rihanna and Chris Brown narrative, but the notion that pushing around a “mouthy girl”  is somehow not criminal continues to pervade. Meanwhile, everyone’s children are absorbing the script.

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