Internet In A Flurry Over Utah Father’s Plan To Live On Mars

Mars One Project
Shannon Ocean

A father of four from Utah has caused quite a flurry on the Internet over his decision to possibly spend the rest of his life on Mars to take part in the Mars One Project – even though it doesn’t start for another 10 years.

According to a report from The Salt Lake TribuneKen Sullivan applied to take part in the mission, along with 200,000 other people. Sullivan has been reportedly short-listed and is a part of the final 1,058 people being considered. So yeah, it’s still a long shot that he will even be chosen. So why the drama? Apparently he kept his application from his family, and it’s only come to light now that he’s on the final list. His wife, Becky, seems surprisingly supportive:

“The question is do we get divorced now or get divorced later. If I stand in the way of his dreams and passions, then we get divorced now, so I have to be supportive.”

Sullivan has two older children from a previous marriage, ages 12 and 13 plus two with Becky, ages six months and three years, so while the eldest two will be adults when the mission potentially takes part, the younger two will still be pretty young. Having your father leave like that might be a bitter blow for them.

That being said, I think the Internet has jumped the gun, here. Let’s put our pitchforks away, at least until he’s, ya know, actually chosen to go, m’kay?

“I’ll be very relieved if I don’t make it to Mars because it won’t take me from my family,” Sullivan explained. “But if I don’t make it, it will be tough and I’ll be disappointed.”

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