Unlike One Mommyish Reader, My Marriage Is Made Up Of About 60% Mundane Conversation

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shutterstock_147220544__1375022674_142.196.156.251I read a news story this morning about a couple who had to deliver their baby at a gas station because as they were rushing to the hospital they realized their tank was empty and they weren’t going to make it. I thought about the argument that would certainly ensue- I just put gas in here! Why is it empty again? This lead me to remember a comment one Mommyish reader made yesterday, adamantly insisting that her and her husband never talk about “mundane bullshit.”

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At first glance, I thought she meant they didn’t argue about mundane things like car maintenance. I was impressed. Then I realized she meant they didn’t talk about mundane things at all. Of course a reader argument ensued because no one could actually believe this woman. All I could think was, God. Mundane bullshit makes up about 60% of the conversations that happen in my household. When I use her words it sounds bad, but I’m kind of okay with it.

Who is going to make the kids breakfast? Should they have eggs again? Probably not – it would be the fourth time this week. Did you get the extra gas for the lawnmower? Thanks for doing the dishes this morning, but why do you always leave the silverware? Can you just finish a whole task, ever? They have two for one cereal on sale at Publix this week – will you eat Raisin Bran? It’s so weird – I don’t like raisins in anything but I frantically search for more raisins in my Raisin Bran. Don’t give the baby an Angry Birds sticker unless he goes on the potty. I think we are eligible for cell phone upgrades next week. Are you keeping tabs on your texting because we went waaaay over last month. None of the baby’s pajamas fit him anymore. We have to eat something with ground beef in it tonight because this isn’t going to last another day…

The list goes on and on and on. We talk about other stuff of course. We’re both artists and we get along very well. But really – if I think about the constant conversation in our house, it mostly has to do with how the household runs, how the kids will be fed – as another reader put it, “the tyranny of daily obligations.”

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Yes, there are a lot of mundane things that happen and are discussed in my marriage. And I’m okay with that. I would love to hear what goes on in a household that doesn’t need to consider the “mundane.” I’m serious! I know it’s a lot more exciting than mine.

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