Whoops! Performance Artist Who Gave Birth In Gallery Didn’t Tell In-Laws

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Talk about pissing off your in-laws. Marni Kotak, the Brooklyn performance artist who gave birth yesterday at the Microscope Gallery, admits that she didn’t inform her or her husband’s extended family about the arrival of baby Ajax. Quite a few gallery patrons witnessed his birth — and the baby’s family didn’t.

Marni’s husband, Jason Robert Bell who was present during the birth, tells that Daily Mail that their families had “mixed” reactions to the baby being born in front of spectators and that once labor began, none of them were notified. So no one from either family attended the birth. Marni also says that she did not expect her exhibit to garner so much attention from the press and that she’s afraid regarding how much focus has been placed on her infant son.

The Brooklyn-based artist is apparently now trying to breastfeed her little one following the 24-hour labor which she described as the “worst pain of her life.” Although a midwife was present for Ajax’s birth, Marni was drug-free for the natural labor.

I wonder if Marni’s regrets about about her art exhibit will also put a damper on her next work, “Raising Baby X.”