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The Working Mom’s Drinking Game: Take A Shot Every Time Someone Says ‘Juggle’ Or ‘Role Model’ To Marissa Mayer

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“Working mom” interviews tend to follow a particular script. And unfortunately new mother Marissa Mayer is no exception.

Since welcoming 4-month-old Macallister Bogue and taking her notoriously short two-week maternity leave, Marissa is back promoting all that hard work she’s been doing at Yahoo. The CEO has revamped the company’s main website in addition to making the cafeteria free for all employees and handing out smartphones to everyone. Sounds like a nice place to work frankly.

But in Marissa Mayer dropping by TODAY to get us all up to speed on Yahoo’s changes, you better believe there was a mini baby update in there. To be fair, it was short — which is me tipping my hat to you, TODAY. Marissa spent the majority of the segment talking about Yahoo and her professional accomplishments. Shockingly,  they didn’t invite the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company to gab on a beige couch about her baby weight for 20 minutes — because that’s what I initially expected.

However, in the short time that was spent on the obligatory “how’s mom life” portion, TODAY did hit on all the quintessentially canned “working mom” questions. You know them as well as I do. You and I could practically write the interview together, using all the equally canned and buzzy words like “juggle” and “role model.”

To properly illustrate the complete eye role of these terms, they’ve been placed along aside all those tired images of working mothers you know so well. Have those shot glasses ready now.

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