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Marissa Mayer Ends Telecommuting But Has Her Own Personal Work Life Balance-Inspired ‘Office Nursery’

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marissa mayer nurseryMarissa Mayer just got kicked a few more rungs down the mommy shit list. The Yahoo CEO and timid glass ceiling buster who just ended telecommuting for Yahoo employees — and therefore a flexible work schedules for parents — has a private Marissa Mayer nursery in her office. Cue parental anarchy.

The pioneering Mayer, who recently claimed that it’s imperative for the Yahoo team “to be working side-by-side” and said how “critical” it was that “we are all present in our offices,” may not work from home. But she definitely brings her home to work. The CEO paid to have an “office nursery” installed, according to Global Post.

But do other Yahoo employees get the benefit of said “office nursery”? It doesn’t look like it. Any plans to maybe get some onsite childcare along with that free cafeteria food and smartphones for all employees? I’m eagerly awaiting comment.

Suddenly, a two week maternity leave doesn’t seem quite so unrealistic when you have the comfort of knowing your kid can come to your personal office when need be.

While the very accomplished CEO may be against flexible schedules as they pertain to working from home (and for good reason, I hear), surely even she acknowledges that some flexibility surrounding office life is needed for parents. She’s one of them.

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