Marissa Mayer Announces Baller Maternity Leave Policy For Yahoo Employees

mateleaveUnless you’ve been under a rock with no Wifi, you know that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been hit with some scrutiny regarding her work from home policy — specifically from parents. But now, I don’t give two figs about all the work from home hoopla considering that Marissa has officially announced a baller maternity leave and paternity leave for Yahoo employees. Work from home what? reports that Marissa is now offering “generous new family leave benefits.” Mommies and daddies, we’re looking at:

  • 16 weeks of PAID maternity leave with benefits
  • eight weeks of paternity leave
  • $500 to spend on house cleaning, groceries and childcare
  • Yahoo-branded “baby gifts”

Yahoo employees get to partake in these stellar benefits if they birth a baby. If you have adopted a child, fostered a child, or opted for surrogacy, mothers and fathers each get eight weeks off.

Marissa has essentially doubled the original policy (for some), which gave only mothers eight paid weeks off after pregnancy, or 10 weeks for c-section recovery.

With her company’s new policy, Marissa has gone above and beyond even the measly 12-week unpaid maternity leave of the Family and Medical Leave Act. You want to throw a covered lactation coach in there too, Mayer?

(photo: Matthew Benoit / Shutterstock)

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