Marissa Mayer Didn’t Take Any Of Those Crappy Crowdsourcing Baby Names

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marissa mayer babyDespite crowdsourcing her own baby’s name among family and friends, Marissa Mayer and husband Zachary Bogue went with a name near and dear to themselves. I guess even if you have a name in mind already, today’s social media savvy parents just like to open up an email chain and see what comes at them. Who knows what names arrived via her hypothetical BlackBerry but the one she and Zachary chose reportedly didn’t come from the likes of Gmail. Or Yahoo! Mail, rather. (What’s the male equivalent of Yoonique?)

CNN Money reports that the formerly BBBB (Big Baby Boy Bogue) is now officially Macallister Bogue, which has “a strong Scottish ring to it.” The names suggested through crowdsourcing reportedly didn’t make the cut:

Turns out, Mayer and husband Zack, a lawyer who recently started a fund to invest in big-data companies, considered a couple of dozen names from friends but settled on one that they had been thinking about for a while.

Why Macallister? Mayer has a thing for M’s—she’s an MM, as is her mother, Margaret.

Tuck those suggestions away for a possible next kid, I suppose, and do work up a stone face for the holidays when you convey that their ideas were simply not your style. More cranberry sauce?