The Maternity Leave That Marissa Mayer Got So Much Flack About Starts Now

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marissa mayer babyMarissa Mayer‘s very controversial pregnancy is no more. Yahoo’s CEO gave birth yesterday to a healthy baby boy, which both her husband and her company confirmed today. I guess you know your baby’s birth is a real milestone for professional women when even your company is signing press releases. After all, given how working mothers are usually treated in the professional sphere, what Fortune 500 company is going to bother confirming a working mother’s healthy delivery? One that appears to be changing the tide.

Zack Brogue, Mayer’s husband, tweeted the news earlier today which was soon followed up by a statement from Yahoo spokeswoman, Anne Espiritu. She confirmed the good health of mommy and baby.

No leads on names yet or how the CEO delivered or when we’ll being seeing pics of Marissa’s babe wearing these adorable Yahoo onesies.

Call it a masterful public relations campaign if you like but a spokesperson confirming a working — albeit extremely powerful — woman’s pregnancy is worlds away from the hush hush nature that often defines many professional working women’s pregnancies in the conventional family-phobic working atmosphere. Mayer may be keeping with some office pressures and conventions with that teeny maternity leave, but a very public nod from her colleagues on a healthy and successful delivery definitely aligns with many of the barriers she is already breaking.