20 Of The Best Marie Kondo Memes Around

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No joy sparks in some of those relationships.

Uh, the couple from the first episode of that show? Shooooooo, that whole dynamic made us cringe. There are more problems there than laundry, but we would have Konmari’d that dude right out of the house if he’d nitpicked our housekeeping skills the way he did his wife. Thank you, next! The thing we really love about Marie Kondo is that she is not judgmental at all. Like, she really gets why that mom from the first episode was so stressed and overwhelmed. She’s got two kids to care for all day! Laundry is not as important as keeping the kids alive, so yeah, that’s going to be neglected quite a bit. Husbands should spark joy too, we need an episode on that.

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