20 Of The Best Marie Kondo Memes Around

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It should apply to all areas of our life!

If clothes and shoes and books and kitchen utensils can spark joy, then we should 100% hold our work-related stuff to the same standard. That email? No joy. The invoice you need to submit? Absolutely joyless. Big project you don’t want to work on? Doesn’t sound like it’s sparking a whole lot of joy! Why should our work also spark joy? After all, we spend as much time at work as we do at home, maybe more. Let’s Konmari our offices and work spaces and coworkers and computers. Joy should be sparking all over the goddamn place, as far as we’re concerned! And as an added bonus, when you’re finally fired for throwing away all your work, you won’t have money to buy more crap you’ll eventually need to purge.

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