20 Of The Best Marie Kondo Memes Around

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The ol’ bait-and-switch.

Haaaaaaa! Marie Kondo with the fake out! Can you even imagine?! Marie’s like, oh you like this book? This one? Then she probably giggles to herself and sends a sideways glance to the camera person and her assistant like, watch me make a sucker out of this guy. But, this tweet (as funny as it is) does bring up a good point: what exactly does it mean when something sparks joy? Where does the joy come from? How do we know it’s genuine. Marie says you will just know. But you know what we know? The mesh panties we wore after the births of our children legitimately spark joy, but we are also certain we probably should not keep them. It’s been quite a few years – they clearly go in the sentimental pile (and hopefully the trash when our joy threshold is heightened enough).

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