Mariah Carey: Typical New Mom Or Diva Gone Mad?

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She may be a mom now, but Mariah Carey is no less diva. In fact, the 41-year-singer made her first public appearance on Saturday night since giving birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe back in April. And she pulled a typical Mariah move by reportedly ordering a $1,600 bottle of champagne and having it delivered to the bathroom at New York’s famed Juliet Supperclub (classy).

This made us laugh – but not nearly as much as Mariah Carey’s other public appearance this weekend. Late last night, she appeared on HSN to sell her fragrance, jewelry and clothing line. But rather than talking up her goods, she spent the entire two hours (!) ranting about her horrible pregnancy and barking out orders to the camera crew. Honestly, it was Mariah’s performance of a lifetime! At least so for moms everywhere, who just had to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

On the one hand, she sounded like an incoherent bitch. Very diva-esque. On the other hand, she actually sounded like a typical new mom – an emotional, sleep-deprived, highly vulnerable train wreck (the difference being, of course, that most people get to experience this less-than-flattering stage in private – not on national television). One colleague calls it “the whining stage” of pregnancy (her husband notes that it lasts around 10 months).

One HSN caller said she had spoken to Mariah back in February, to which the singer replied, “I was so uncomfortable [back then]… Sorry, but pregnant with twins is different than anything… Honestly, it turned into a really difficult time.” Moments later, as she’s touting a pair of blue pumps and black cross-the-shoulder bag, she goes into a further rant: “My body went through so much holding those twins and you have to keep them in for as long as possible because it’s a sacrifice for them.”

This is pure entertainment, folks. Matt Cherette over at Gawker has put together a four-minute video of Mariah’s most memorable moments. Check it out.