Man With One Arm And One Leg Throws Babies To Safety From Fire And Makes Us All Look Like Chumps

Man With One Arm And One Leg Saves BabiesWhatever you do today, it won’t be nearly as heroic or as totally badass as Fidel Morales, a Bronx man who had to toss his 17-month old son and newborn baby daughter off of a second floor balcony because his home was on fire. Morales, an employee of the department of corrections, is missing both an arm and a leg. And he rescued the babies while not wearing his prosthetics.From NBC New York:

“I saw him standing there and the baby was hanging on from his hands so I started to scream,” Valmont said.

That neighbor caught the boy, handed him to Valmont and went to catch the baby girl Morales was about to throw.

The baby, a relative of Morales’ wife, was also safely caught.

Morales, a Department of Correction employee who uses prosthetic limbs but was not wearing the arm at the time, then jumped from the balcony.


Nine people were taken to the hospital including Morales and two were critically hurt. Even though this is an amazing story and Morales is a hero, it should be noted that the fire was caused by an unattended candle left burning in the basement, and stuff like that always makes me so nervous. Especially because with the upcoming holiday season we always hear awful news tories about house fires being caused by candles and faulty Christmas lights. So be careful.

You can watch a video of Morale’s neighbor describing the scene here, and it’s totally worth it because she has a gorgeous accent. I hope Morales and the kids are all okay.

(Image: NBC Video)


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