Man Arrested After He Spanked Someone Else’s Toddler in a Grocery Store

Holy crap, can you even imagine?? A man was arrested after spanking a toddler in a grocery store in Georgia. The kicker? The toddler didn’t belong to him. He literally spanked a stranger’s child in the self-checkout line. I would … be in jail if someone did that to my child. Juan Martinez was arrested and permanently banned from the store after grabbing a 2-year-old boy who was in line with his dad, and spanking him three times on the bottom. The whole situation is completely bonkers.

The man was arrested after spanking a little boy who asked his dad for candy. Just, WHAT?

Logan Morris was shopping at a Kroger store in Newnan, Georgia with his 2-year-old son. They were in the self-checkout line, and the little boy asked his dad for candy. Which sounds completely normal? Are you even at a store with your kids if they don’t ask for something? Logan told his son no, which honestly should have been the end of that. But that’s when things took a very disturbing turn.

Logan says that a man behind them, identified as Juan Martinez, then grabbed the boys hand, spun him around, and spanked him three times. Martinez then told Logan, “That’s how we deal with kids in Mexico.”

man arrested after spanking toddler
Image: Twitter/@MattWSB

Logan responded, “We’re not in Mexico”, then grabbed his son and fled the store. He called police, who responded to the store. Martinez was still in line, and authorities say he had bloodshot eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol. Police handcuffed Martinez and took him out of the store. Once inside the police cruiser, the man began to kick at the doors and windows. He was transported to a local hospital, then turned back over to police for booking. Martinez was charged with cruelty to a child, battery, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of officers. He was also permanently banned from the store.

Logan says he is still in shock over the incident. Luckily, his little boy wasn’t physically hurt in the incident, just shocked and confused. You and us both, little buddy.

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