This Dude Tricked His Wife Into Naming Their Daughter After His Favorite Sports Team

arsenalOne Australian dude is very lucky his wife is a chill lady with a good sense of humor, because he apparently tricked her into naming their baby daughter after his favorite soccer team, and didn’t tell her about it for two years. Somehow he is not dead, and his wife seems to think it’s a pretty cool story.

Clare Smith from Blacktown, New South Wales, was just picking out baby names with her husband, the way you do, and at some point he suggested Lanesra. Clare thought that was romantic and pretty, and apparently the couple was shooting for a unique sort of name. Lanesra might be a bit difficult to spell and impossible to figure out how to pronounce, but it’s not so weird in the grand scheme of things. Someday she’ll probably be in school with a bunch of kids with equally difficult names, and she’ll just band together with Abcde and Neveah and Uber to make fun of all the kids named Tim.

So for two years Clare, her husband, and Lanesra were one big, happy, sports-loving family. And then her husband dropped the bomb and told Clare something she had never noticed before: Lanesra is “Arsenal” spelled backwards.


Clare wrote about the story to Take Five magazine, and she seems more amused than anything about the story behind her daughter’s name. She still has a name she likes, and a very funny story to share, so all’s well that ends well. Personally, though, I kind of just wish they’d named her Arsenal. Arsenal is a great name for a two-year-old girl! And imagine a grown woman named Arsenal Smith. That’s bad ass.

I don’t even like soccer, and now I’m thinking I should put Arsenal on my list if I have a second daughter. Or forget the baby, is it too late to legally change my name?

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