Man Steals His Father’s Corpse To Resurrect Him And Probably Just Needs Time To Grieve

shutterstock_99641753__1377773780_74.134.205.46This story is so sad and bizarre but mostly sad and it has me thinking about death and grief and the mourning process. Forty-eight-year-old Vincent Bright has been charged with disinterment of a dead body after police discovered his father’s casket abandoned in a van in a gas station parking lot. The corpse of Vincent’s father was discovered in a freezer at Vincent’s home. Sources said that Bright told them if he prayed hard enough he could bring his father back to life. As much as I love bizarre news and marveling at how strange people are, I can’t be amused by this because when the cops arrested Bright he was saying ” Wake up daddy, wake up.”

That is so sad!

His father was 93 when he died, so I am sure he lived a full life. Vincent was held on 75,000 dollars bail until a mental evaluation could be performed and it found him fit for trial, which has been set for September 24. The really bad part about this is Vincent could face up to 10 years in prison. The poor guy needs grief counseling more than anything. According to the news report, Bright has a criminal history of minor felonies, which I am sure won’t work in his favor.

Losing a parent is so hard but eventually you don’t burst into tears every 10 minutes and you start to remember the happy times and think back on the departed with more joy than sadness. I hope poor Vincent gets to that point.

(Photo: Chris Bradshaw/shutterstock)

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