What A Shithead – Creep Sends Ex-Wife Alimony Checks Covered In Feces

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Some divorces end ugly. Some divorces end really ugly. I’m divorced, and I’d like to thank my ex for never pulling a stunt like this guy did. This is one of those times when you read about something and you thank your lucky stars that your ex is probably more reasonable, and hygienic, than this ex-spose who paid his ex-wife some back alimony that he owed her. From

Long Island resident Gerald Desiderio allegedly sent his ex-wife a series of alimony checks covered in feces.

Federal prosecutors charged Desiderio yesterday with sending hazardous materials through the U.S. mail, obstructing the mail and interstate stalking. According to the NY Post, postal inspectors say this isn’t a one-time incident: Desiderio has previously also enclosed harassing notes and other “tasteless objects” along with the alimony checks he sends regularly to his ex-wife. He once sent a photo of a knife with a serrated blade. The Daily Mail reports he also once sent “a sketch of a woman in a straitjacket [and] pictures of people engaged in sexual acts.”


Desiderio was arraigned yesterday in Brooklyn federal court, where he posted $35,000 bail and was released.This guy obviously needs therapy. I can understand that he is cranky for having to pay ‘spousal maintenance’  to the tune of $1,720 a month, but between the creepy drawings and the even creepier photos to the feces-covered checks I think we have gone beyond the disgruntled ex-spouse phase to the “obviously needs a lot of therapy” phase. I get that there is a lot to the story that we don’t know, and for all we know the marriage ended because the wife was some sort of truly horrible person who punched babies and kicked kittens, but the marriage is over – and if you have to pay alimony then why not just do what the courts decreed instead of pulling passive-agressive creepo stunts involving sexually explicit drawings and feces? I guess the best part of this story is that there are no children involved, because I would have to see what custody and visitation resulted in with this case.

I’ve heard plenty of horror stories involving divorce and issues with alimony and child support, but I think this one is one of the truly worst. A man send his alimony checks covered in feces and we aren’t getting a big old clue that this guy might be crazy?  This guy needs to focus on moving on with his life rather than playing serial killer arts and crafts with his alimony payments.

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