Serial Rapist Played Rape-Ville On Facebook With Pregnant Teens Like That Stupid Farming Game

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shutterstock_128581466Another reason I can totally hate Facebook. Which I do not want. So stop linking me to stories on Facebook, everyone. David Martinez in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania used Facebook to stalk pregnant teens which he would then hook up with and rape. The serial rapist has been charged with five cases of rape, including two against pregnant 17-year-old girls. Authorities have made a public plea that more victims comes forward, because according to Martinez:  “I have met and had plenty of females on Facebook.”

Now I feel like I should reinstate my Facebook account so I can troll pregnant teens on there and make them set all of their photos to “private” so no other rapists get the same idea. According to

One teen told police she was contacted by Martinez last spring when he sent her a Facebook message. The girl said she told Martinez she was 4 months pregnant when they met.

Martinez told the teen several times she was beautiful, took her to a fast-food restaurant and drove her to a lookout in Bethlehem.

The girl told police that when Martinez began kissing her in his car, she pushed him away and told him, “This is not supposed to happen, we are friends.”

She said that after he raped her, he drove her home.

Later that day, Martinez sent her a text message asking her to forgive him, she said.

“I don’t want you to hate me,” the text read. “Can you please keep this between us because that was definitely not me. I am sorry.”

What kind of animal sends a text message to someone he just raped asking that the victim keep them information “between us?” And the worst part is, this guy did the same thing to another victim.

The teen told police she was 7 months pregnant when she posted photos on Facebook and Martinez commented on them. She said they agreed to meet and went to his home where they watched a movie.

During the movie, she said, Martinez asked if he could rub her belly because it was so big. She said he then pinned her down and kissed her while she told him to stop.

The girl said Martinez shoved her face down and put his weight on her while struggling to remove her clothes. She told police she tried to protect her unborn child while screaming at Martinez to stop.

After a 15-minute struggle, she said, Martinez left and later texted her, saying, “Never contact me again.”

Never contact me again? How about she contact him to say “Never rape me again and I’m calling the cops.”

According to court records, when Martinez was charged two weeks ago he told authorities that he has a sex addiction and needs help.I hate to think there are other victims out there, but there probably are.

The victims both said they were terrified for their unborn children and tried to fight back against Martinez. Martinez remains in prison with bail set at $525,000.

This story is just so awful. Like he used Facebook as a one-stop shopping website to find women he could rape. I’m sure any moment we will see some lovely rhetoric on the news about how the victims should have known to never go on dates with someone they met online and people should be more careful with hooking up with strangers, because that is what always happens in rape cases. It’s the woman’s fault for being an unwed, pregnant teen, for posting pictures, and then for going on a date with a man who raped them. It won’t be the conversation we should be having, that men shouldn’t rape people, it will be women should be careful about meeting men on Facebook.

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