I Have No Sympathy For This Old Married Guy Who Met A Teen On Facebook And Was Robbed

Man Met Teen On facebook For Sex Some teens took it upon themselves to disperse some Hard Candy-style justice when one of their friends, a 16-year-old girl met some old married guy on Facebook and he offered to meet her for sex. Yuck. The story goes like this, teen girl meets 41-year-old married guy on Facebook. Married guy chats her up and she says “Hey, let’s go to this party!” and then….

From The Daily Mail:

A married 41-year-old man has told police he arranged to meet with a 16-year-old girl through Facebook so they could have sex – but that when he got there, her friends robbed him instead.

The man, who has not been identified, picked up the girl on Thursday afternoon from an apartment in Noblesville, Indiana after she told him she wanted to have sex with him, police said.

The teen told him they should go to a party with her friends and they drove to an abandoned house in Downtown Indianapolis.

It should be noted that the guy was driving a 2013 Lexus. To take a teen girl to a part in an abandoned building. Now, not to be all midlife-crisis judgy here, but dude, you are driving a car that costs around 35K, and trolling Facebook for teen girls to have sex with, and when you meet one, you actually go to an abandoned building with her in a shady part of Indianapolis? Yeah, this is all going to end with you having sex with an underage girl, pal.

She told him to wait outside for her and a friend, but after she went inside, he was punched, kicked and robbed of his wallet, keys and cell phone by two males.

The girl and her friend then joined the two men and stole the victim’s car and went on a shopping spree with his credit card, the man told police.Three other male teens held the man against his will for several hours, and one brandished a gun, he told police.


When the robbers returned with the man’s car a few hours later, they told him to leave. The old guy left, went home to his wife, and told her that he was robbed. OK pal, yeah, you may have been robbed, but did you happen to mention to your wife that this all happened because you were trying to meet a teenager for sex? It isn’t clear if any of the robbery suspects have been arrested yet, but it’s reported that they are between the ages of 14-20.

We can all agree that teens with guns are not cool and robbing people is not cool, and taking their car on a shopping spree with their credit cards is not cool (Or is it?!) but come on, this creepy married guy wanted to have sex with a kid young enough to be his daughter and it’s his own fault for being such a creep and trolling the internets for underage girls. And I’m totally hoping Lifetime makes this one into a movie.

(Image: Hard Candy)

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