Man Calls Cops On His Wife For Neglecting Laundry, And Somehow They Didn’t Laugh In His Face

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prison-handcuffs-policePeople call the police for a lot of shitty reasons. People have called 911 over hamburger orders, or angry cats. Usually one can get a bit of a laugh out of those situations by imagining the police laughing in the callers’ faces, but a man in Mexico last week actually called the police on his wife for neglecting her chores, and they came.

According to The Daily Mail,  Edgar Ivan Perez Alvarado came home a week ago to discover that his wife had not done his laundry. His wife, Dulce Requena Garcia, said she was refusing to clean the hose because Alvarado was cheating on her. Without clean clothes, Alvarado could not go hang out with his friends, so he actually called the police and reported his wife for “shirking her household duties.”

OK, whatever, assholes call the cops for dumb reasons all the time. But in this case the police actually showed up and arrested Garcia instead of laughing in his face like they should have done. When the police heard the story, they reportedy slapped Garcia with a fine of 400 pesos, or about $25, for causing a disturbance. She did not have the money and Alvarado refused to pay on her behalf, so the police threw her in jail for 12 hours.

Alvarado and Garcia have three children, ages 2, 5, and 6, and on top of being a horrible example of how a healthy adult relationship should work, this must have terrified the hell out of them. You can’t tell a 2-year-old that the police are taking his mother to jail and expect him to not be traumatized by the event, so this is some pretty horrible parenting in addition to being some shameful husbanding on Alvarado’s part.

It’s also some pretty shameful policing on the part of the officers who responded, because the proper response to being told to come deal with a woman who won’t do one’s laundry is to laugh and tell the caller to wash his own pants, not come to the house and arrest a woman in front of her children.

 (Photo; Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)