Man Films Co-Worker Pumping Breast Milk In Office – And Gets Off On It

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pumping breast mlkI can’t even stand the grossness of this story but here goes: John Bednarik II, some sketchy guy who works at DeSales University in Pennsylvania, secretly filmed a topless co-worker pumping breast milk in her office. As if that’s not disturbing enough, he did so “to allow viewing and recording [of the co-worker] while partially nude for the purpose of his own sexual arousal and gratification.” Ew. Just ew. On so many levels!

First, it’s a total invasion of privacy. That goes without saying. According to NY Daily News, the breastfeeding mom was busy pumping away when she heard a noise; she glanced up to discover a small hole in a ceiling tile that looked like it was concealing a camera lens. (Wow, can you imagine that exact moment?)

Second, last I checked, neither breastfeeding nor pumping breast milk is particularly sexual (as in, not at all). So gross that this man would view it that way. Granted, he could have been getting his kicks out of the whole partial nudity thing, but still… gross!

Thankfully, the pervy Peeping Tom has been charged with one count of misdemeanor invasion  of privacy for allegedly setting up the video camera in the first place. Bednarik, 33, has also been fired from the university – he served as director of campus environment – for violating policy (ya think?). That’s the good news. The bad news is that the woman is reportedly worried about her safety because she and perv live in the same ‘hood.

For the record, DeSales has lactation rooms on campus, but this woman thought she’d have privacy enough in her own office. Though as far as I’m concerned, that’s a moot point; because no matter where this woman was sitting and no matter what she was doing, the fact remains that she was filmed, unknowingly, by a man who later got off while watching the footage. Major jeebs!