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Please Say There’s Not A Network Willing To Pay Mama June For A New Honey Boo Boo Show

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mama-june-shannonHere’s hoping this story that TMZ dredged up is gross rumor and speculation: the website alleges producers are shopping a new show that would involve hashing out the terrible molestation charges brought against Mama June’s child molester boyfriend. Ugh. Please tell me there’s not a network that would pay Mama June to exploit her children any more than she already has.

Producers are shopping a show that would have a “Beverly Hillbillies” theme, where cameras would follow the fish-out-of-water family while they “adjust to being famous around town.” TMZ claims “producers want to drudge up Chickadee’s molestation business with McDaniel and use it to inaugurate the series, but the family says they’re dealing with it privately in therapy and want to move on.”

Is reality television so far gone that anyone in a network office would find this remotely okay? The funny hillbilly ship has sailed with this family. It sailed when we all found out Mama June was complicit in her daughter Anna’s molestation by her boyfriend Mark McDaniel, by not believing her claims. It sailed again when we found out her other young daughter was around when it happened, and that she might be the spawn of the molester himself. It sailed again when she brought her molester boyfriend, fresh out of jail, around the child he molested. This story is a nightmare. No network can incorporate this story line into an attempting-to-be-funny Beverly Hillbillies themed show.

I’m not the morality police, but my God — no. These children cannot be exploited on air anymore. Mama June cannot continue to profit off exploiting them. Any hope that this family was good for “entertainment” is long gone. Frankly, the concept of millions of people snickering along with a show just so they could poke fun at a family’s lifestyle was gross to begin with. But these developments make it absolutely deplorable. If a network actually picks this show up, I may have to join the pearl-clutchers and petition signers.

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