18 Tips And Tricks Makeup Artists Won’t Tell You, But We Will

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Stay Clear Of Unflattering Concealers

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Lots of people have taken to the idea of using white concealers to cover up dark circles and blemishes under their eyes. Like celebrities, they want to use the white concealers to brighten their faces for the cameras — thinking it makes for great pics. This may be true in the celebrity world where people have teams of makeup artists following them around all day… but in real-life, too much white concealer can stand out in a bad way.  Unless you have a  makeup team to refresh your makeup, it’s best not to use white concealers. If you can’t touch up your concealer throughout the day, it can leave white circles under your eyes, and the color contrasts too much with the bronze skin and blushing cheeks. It’s an unnatural look you’ll want to avoid. Best to check out concealers close to your skin tone. Sephora offers on-the-spot color matching for walk-in customers, so you can find the foundation and concealer that’s best for you.

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