18 Tips And Tricks Makeup Artists Won’t Tell You, But We Will

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Use Powder, Prime, Foundation, and DON’T FORGET Setting Spray!

woman putting on makeup

Image: iStock / Wavebreakmedia

You’ll be surprised how many makeup artists use powder when applying their makeup. Some use baby powder while other have opted to using translucent powder due to the long-term effects related to using baby powder consistently. The best way to make sure your makeup lasts all day is to set your primer with a powder before putting on foundation. Make sure not to add too much. A light dusting is best. This method is the start to locking in your foundation. Next, you’ll need to use a setting spray to ensure your makeup lasts for the long-haul. Makeup artists rave that Urban Decay All-Nighter does the job well. It dries quickly and keeps your makeup smooth and long-lasting for up to hours.

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