18 Tips And Tricks Makeup Artists Won’t Tell You, But We Will

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Get Color-Matched For Different Times Of The Year

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Some people may need to purchase more than one foundation/concealer for their skin. Your skincare needs change depending on the weather and times of the year.  In the winter, your skin will call for a moisturizing liquid or cream foundation to soothe drier skin.  In the spring and summer, you’ll want a bronz-ier foundation for sun-kissed skin, and it will need to be more of a lightweight, water-based foundation with SPF.

Weather isn’t the only reason you’ll need to get more than one color foundation… Depending on how much coverage you like you may need to purchase another. For work, you may want only light coverage, so as not to appear overdone.  But at night time, when you want that BEAT face, you might opt for medium-to-full coverage. Bet you didn’t know choosing a foundation could be so complicated.

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