16 Ways To Make A Working Mom’s Life More Bearable

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Ask your partner how her day went

partners talking

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OK, partners, this goes for work-at-home moms and stay-at-home moms and all moms and dads everywhere. Ask these moms (and dads) how their day went because it reminds them that you see them as not just the parent of your child but as a man/woman; a human being. When you are working so hard to build a career and raise good tiny human beings, it’s easy to lose sight of your autonomy and begin to feel like nothing more than the keeper of little people. Taking that moment every day to see the individual, the person you fell in love with, as more than just your child’s parent, goes a long way in maintaining intimacy and the relationship. Remember, this kids won’t be living at home forever, and in the end, it will just be the two of you so take care of your partner. Take care of each other.

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