16 Ways To Make A Working Mom’s Life More Bearable

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Give her some alone time

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Partners of working moms, the kindest thing you can do for everyone, yourself included, is to volunteer to pick up the slack on occasion and give us some uninterrupted time to ourselves. Not saying working moms need a week away, though a weekend might not be such a bad idea, even a few hours of alone time can make the world of difference. It could be an hour alone to sit in silence, pee alone and have a glass of wine or maybe it’s a night at a hotel to take a long quiet bubble bath, room service, and a super comfy bed with no one to worry about but themselves. Whatever it is, give your partner some alone time to take a few deep breaths and recharge, and it will mean the difference between working together and complete mom burnout. Not saying we’ve thought about this or anything.

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