‘The Magic School Bus’ Takes A Trip To Hell In This Wonderful Movie Trailer

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Call me a nerd, but I love these cheesy movie trailers for our favorite childhood cartoons. I know, I know. They’re the cartoon equivalent of Hipster Disney Princesses. But at least these trailers have more source material and originality than the same old angst-ridden Ariel.

So I think that exactly what our weekend needs is a dramatic Magic School Bus movie trailer where Tim, Wanda and the rest of the gang decide to take a field trip to hell to rescue their recently deceased teacher, Ms. Frizzle.

[youtube_iframe id=”Rce6HTFBaFg”]

To be honest, I wish we would’ve seen more of the actual field trip, or at least a glimpse of the Friz.  I can’t believe they didn’t need Liz in the bus to get it started. But still, the overall trailer is completely entertaining. It makes me wish someone was actually making these movies. They sound like way more fun than Despicable Me 2.

We should probably think of some other 80’s and 90’s nostalgia that deserves a comeback. And I’m not talking about a Smurf-like revamp featuring Katy Perry. I want to see Rainbow Brite going through a disillusioned goth phase. I want to see Aaahh!! Real Monsters after graduation.

We’ve already seen a Hey Arnold movie trailer. Don’t forget about Doug: The Movie. Really, if you want to spend your day looking through parody movie trailers for your favorite childhood cartoons, we won’t judge you. We’ll understand. Consider this just the entrance to the nostalgia rabbit hole. You’re welcome.

(Photo: Scholastic)