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10 Thoughts You’ll Have Watching The Trailer For Magic Mike XXL

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"Magic Mike" PhotocallWhen the first Magic Mike movie came out a few years ago, I didn’t get the hype. It seemed like a typical B movie to me and I kept calling Channing Tatum Tatum Channing because I thought his name was silly. All my lady friends were so worked up about over what looked like an awful movie. Then my husband left me alone for a night to go to the gym, and the movie was free online so I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about. I was prepared to hate watch it, but instead I got fully sucked into the magic of Mike and his scantily clad buddies. So when the trailer for Magic Mike XXL dropped this week, obviously I had to watch it several times, you know, for research for this post. Here are the thoughts you’ll have watching the trailer for Magic Mike XXL.

1. I don’t know if I could be with a guy who dances better than I do.

On second thought, I’m okay with it.

2. I see the writing hasn’t improved since the first film. 

Meh, doesn’t matter.

3. Can the kids see my screen?

No. They’re good, thanks Caillou. Might as well play it again, since I looked away and all.

4. He’s so goofy.

And yet, it still works.

5. Is this objectifying men?

It feels like it is. And isn’t that one of my issues? How would I feel if they were all women? But are they asking to be objectified? Oh my god, did I really just say they were asking for it? But it’s just a movie trailer right? Whatever, I don’t care, I’m watching it again.

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