Madonna Did Not Take Too Kindly To Photographs Of Lourdes Smoking

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lourdesFans may have been a bit taken aback by those photographs of 15-year-old Lourdes smoking away like a stereotypical transgressive teenager, but no one was apparently more livid than Madonna. It seems that even if your mother is a legendary pop icon, pictures of some not so secret smoke breaks will essentially bring all parents to the same place: anger.

Madonna was reportedly “incensed” and “infuriated” by the images that made their way around the interwebs. Although Madge has been pretty permissive about her teen accompanying her on tour, Daily Mail writes that those cigarette pictures have the mother thinking otherwise.

The mother of four is now considering helping her eldest concentrate solely on college with no more visits to mommy’s stage.

No reported punishments or grounding for Lourdes’ cigarette, but like a lot of mothers, the news apparently has Madonna reevaluating not only her childrearing but also her daughter’s future. It may have only been one cancer stick, but the singer and performer clearly doesn’t want her little girl being lead astray with anymore.