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Macklemore’s Grammy Performance Was Pretty Touching Until Madonna Showed Up With A Scepter

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their hit “Same Love” last night at the Grammy’s while Queen Latifah married 33 couples – gay and straight – live. It was very touching. Tears were welling up in my eyes as I looked at these couples, sharing their vows with the rest of us. Until Madonna showed up, that is.

Picture this: Queen Latifah preaching about love and equality, Macklemore really passionately feeling his performance and the moment, 33 couples binding their lives forever – and out comes Madonna dressed like an angel/cowboy/pimp holding a scepter:

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

The moment was like being in the club, dancing to the most amazing song – and then some idiot bumps into the booth and makes the record scratch.

Ugh, Madonna. While I’m sure it probably wasn’t actually her idea to come strolling onto the stage right at the moment that people were saying their “I Do’s,” whoever came up with this idea is dumb. The moment just really didn’t need to be punctuated by a super-star stealing it. I get that it was the Grammy’s – but it was also a wedding. Wow, did I just write that sentence? Everything is just weird.

I like Macklemore – I think he deserves all the props he’s getting and his Grammy wins. I always found it a little funny that he had to have a “but just to be clear, I’m not gay” disclaimer at the beginning of a song about not judging those who aren’t heterosexual, but whatever. It’s nice to hear someone pushing out a positive message for once in popular music. GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis celebrated the event, telling The Hollywood Reporter:

“When such a critically acclaimed and popular rap artist puts marriage equality center stage at one of the biggest events of the year, it is the latest in a long line of signs that our nation not only accepts, but celebrates the love and commitment of gay couples today,” said Ellis.