Lunchables Are Organic Now, Probably Still Disgusting

Look, I have two small kids. I work from home. And summer is kicking my ass all over the place. I am down with the Lunchables, and have thrown the little containers at my ravenous children more times than I can count. “Mom, can we have a snack? Can we have a snack? I’m hungryyyyyyyyyy!” The word “snack” has lost all meaning to me at this point. Honestly, they’re good in a pinch, and since my youngest will eat a goldfish cracker she finds under the couch, I don’t give the ingredients too much thought (don’t @ me). But for a lot of parents, Lunchables have been off-limits.

Until now, maybe? Kraft, the company that makes them, announced that an organic version of Lunchables would be hitting the shelves in August. So…yay?

organic lunchables
Image: Lunchables

A brand rep for Kraft tells Today that the Lunchables will launch in August, and retail for $2.99 (about two bucks more than the non-organic versions we all know and love to hate). The organic versions will apparently only include the pizza kits. No word yet on whether it will be expanded to other kits.

This is cool, but really, organic cold, tasteless pizza is still cold, tasteless pizza.

As you can imagine, people had some thoughts on this new and improved line of Lunchables.

But not everyone is hating on the organic Lunchables. And really, it’s a step in the right direction, yes?

I feel like Lunchables are one of those lines drawn in the sand of parenting. You either hate them, or you’re meh about them and enjoy the silence while your kids devour them. I’d never realized how much people care about what other kids eat until I had kids. And LORD people love to judge that shit, don’t they? While organic Lunchables probably aren’t the healthiest thing you can feed your kid, sometimes you just need something quick and easy. And if the organic label helps assuage your guilt a bit (although really, don’t feel guilty about feeding your kids whatever it is they’ll eat!), then awesome. Personally, $2.99 is a bit steep for my budget, so I’ll probably stick to the poison non-organic ones after they come out. Or, I’ll just toss a couple of Happy Meals at them; lunch AND entertainment!

(Image: Lunchables)

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