LuLaRoe Sues Mom Blogger to Force Her to Reveal Her Sources

It’s not hard to find people who are mad at LuLaRoe. The leggings company just changed its returns policy, and its consultants are worried they could be out thousands of dollars they can’t afford to lose. Some consultants say they’ve been scammed. Even before that, tens of thousands of LuLaRoe customers said the company sent them low-quality or defective leggings that “ripped like wet toilet paper.” There was even a class-action federal lawsuit against the company over alleged wrongful sales tax charges.

Now, with all those troubles to contend with, LuLaRoe is actually suing a mom blogger.

According to Scary Mommy, Christina Hinks of MommyGyver used to be a LuLaRoe consultant. She quickly regretted that decision–99 percent of direct sales consultants actually lose money–and posted about her experience on her blog.

After Hinks posted about her dissatisfaction with LuLaRoe, other consultants and customers came forward. They reportedly told her about what were allegedly their own bad experiences with the company. Hinks started sharing those stories.

Now LuLaRoe is suing her.

According to court documents, LuLaRoe wants to make Hinks “disclose the identity and contact information of potential defendants who have damaged LLR and its goodwill by providing Respondent with LLR’s confidential and proprietary business information, information about LLR and its merchandise, and false derogatory information regarding LLR, much of which Repsondent has posted on her blog,”

LuLaRoe claims Hinks doesn’t count as a journalist. Thus they say she’s not protected by laws shielding journalists from being forced to identify their sources.

“The things I’ve written about have been shared all over the internet- not just here with me. ¬†Many of these documents have been publicly shared in various groups for disgruntled consultants and customers,” Hinks said in a blog post.¬†

It’s not hard to find complaints about LuLaRoe


However, complaints about LuLaRoe products and business practices really have been shared all over the Internet. Consultants are complaining on the LuLaRoe Facebook page, Instagram, and all over Twitter.

People are furious, and it’s not hard to find people talking about their LuLaRoe experiences online. Maybe it’d be a better use of LuLaRoe’s time and resources to try to fix the problems that are causing the complaints, instead of trying to sue a blogger for the names of the complainers.

What do you think of LuLaRoe’s suit? Let us know in the comments.

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