Low-Energy Dogs That Are Perfect For Families With Kids

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bullmastiffs dog

Image: iStock / valeconte

If you’re looking for a great guard dog, look no further. This dog is fierce-looking and large, but usually very quiet and loving. Bullmastiffs were originally bred in the 19th century and referred to as the ‘Gamekeeper’s Nightwatch Dog.’ Gamekeepers in England were trying to create the perfect dog (not too aggressive and not too passive) to hunt and capture poachers without killing them. Bullmastiffs love being with their owners and want to play and cuddle often. If you have space for them to play, jump, and be free – they are the happiest. They can be very territorial and protective of the family and their home, but still personable to visitors that stop by. Bullmastiffs are a fine option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, low-energy family pet.

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