Low-Energy Dogs That Are Perfect For Families With Kids

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St. Bernard dog

Image: iStock / emmepiphoto

If you’ve ever seen the movie Beethoven, the dog, a Saint Bernard, is a great  family dog. Saint Bernards usually have a  loving personality and protective nature that make them one of the best breeds to watch over your home and family. Saint Bernards are massive — sometimes weighing up to 265 pounds! They also drool and shed a lot — so be forewarned.  However, if you train your dog early on and give him lots of socialization (time to meet different people and be in various settings), he can be very calm and collected. When Bernard is younger, they are full of energy and need to be active almost all the time to prevent becoming restless and irritable. Best to get this dog just before adulthood — when they have calmed down and are most likely trained. If you make sure your adult dog has lots of space and room to run around, you will be a happy camper. Adult Bernards require daily exercise — doesn’t have to be intense. Even a neighborhood stroll can make a world of difference in their temperament.

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