Madonna Buys Underage Lourdes An Apartment In A Very Pricey Parenting Tactic

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lourdesMadonna‘s little girl is growing up and moving out. Down the street, that is. The pop queen’s eldest child, Lourdes Leon, turned 16 and the mother reportedly marked the occasion with not a fancy car — how pedestrian — but a fancy apartment. But the international super star seems to have not just splurged on such a milestone birthday without reason. Wouldn’t you know that Madge had some very particular motives for throwing down money on a new home for her underage daughter.

With reports that Lourdes is planning to pack up and go to Bard College, Madonna reportedly decided on a “solution” when “things recently came to a head.” And that solution has a lot of security, a gym, and a swimming pool:

The teen’s pad is just a few blocks from the family home on the exclusive Upper East side of Manhattan and is also close to the Kaballah Centre with which the family are deeply involved.

Because of its location, the global superstar is confident that the apartment will give her daughter the freedom she craves whilst still enabling her to keep an eye on the little madam.

Lourdes is apparently “thrilled” with the gift/masterful stroke of expensive parenting and is ruminating over decorating details. Following the apartment being decked out to her fancy, mother and daughter  (but more like mother) will then decide who will move in with the teenager.

No word yet on how much the 16th birthday gift cost. But if another pile of bricks keeps the kid from prematurely leaving the nest, then I guess that purchase was priceless.

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